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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 5, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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next on msnbc, a big blast in egypt conflicting reports on a gas pipeline explosion so what happened? the latest developments from cairo including word of more resignations but not the one. >> new this hour, state television in egypt says the leadership of egypt's ruling party has resigned. also new this morning, egypt's
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prescribe says stability is returning to the country after 12 days of protest. a built earlier egyptian state television blamed a terrorist operation which caused the raging fire. the governor says he suspects sabotage. so let's go live now to cairo once again. ron allen standing by for us. ron this top headline we're talking about, the state tv saying the leadership of egypt's ruling party has resigned? what do you know about that? >> reporter: just that we're hearing the same thing on tv and seeing the same thing on tv.
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>> so it's per happen assign that some people -- leave one of the president's sons is a member of that group that is resign from that position in the leadership there. this is a day where there is a lot of political activity happening in cairo, a lot of meetings. he said that there are signs that stability is return fog the country. he made it clear that the president is not going to resign. the president must refine first he said that the prime minister did, that once some of the opposition sees some of the people talking the others will want to join in. it's a sign that the government is trying to play this out. they know the protesters are out
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there. there are thousands of them out in the square. it's peaceful and not causing a problem. but the government is trying to play this out. let this clock run out. there is seven months or so. the wise men people -- >> looks like we may have lost our satellite signal. that can happen from time to time so we will get more information as soon as we can. when it comes to the crisis in egypt, the white house is working to keep its options on the table. there is one area that the president says is not open to debate. >> the attacks on reporters and peaceful protesters are unacceptable. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> those are strong words from
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the president there. there is a lot more at play there that is not so cut and dry. >> trying to move this transition in egypt in the words of the state department spokesman faster and further than it is going at the present time. they're talking to the vice president omar suleiman. getting these wise men together as ron allen reported. to work out the mechanisms for a
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free and fair elections. part of what the administration says they have been backing all along. president obama had a little bit more to say. sort of a reverse psychology you might put it. what he wants to see happen in the weeks ahead. >> i believe that president mubarak cares about his country. he is proud but he is also a pariot. what i suggested to him is that he needs to consult with those who are around him in his government. he needs to listen to what's being voiced by the egyptian people. and make a judgment about a pathway forward.
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>> that's what they are saying between the lines and behind the scenes. >> mike, many thanks. we will see you again next hour. david gregory will have much more on the crisis in egypt tomorrow on meet the press. senator john kerry will sit down for an exclusive interview. if it's sunday it's "meet the press". the labor. only 36,000 new jobs were created which is the fewest in four months. the severe weather likely blamed. harsh snowstorms cut into construction employment which fell by 32,000. >> sarah palin was invited to give remarks at the former
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president's one time ranch. >> there isn't one replacement for reagan but there are millions who believe in the great ideas that he esspoused. there is a whole army of patriotic davids out there across this great country ready to stand up and to speak out in defense of liberty and these davids aren't afraid to tell goliath, don't tread on me. >> palin was speaking at the young america's foundation which purchased reagan's former ranch back in 1998. let's get a look at the weather picture. bill? >> good saturday morning to you. >> doesn't look like boston has
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much to worry about but northern new england and central new england have the most to worry about as the storm comes off the jersey coast. the cold air will be locked sbroo northern new england. winter storm warnings have been issued from maine to almost just outside of portland maine and almost all of the state of vermont. as far as snowfall totals go, the computers are looking at the possibility of a narrow strip. you notice we're not really calling for any snow aclumlations. you may see some snow flakes early today but that will be clearing out during the day. it will be all rain later on the afternoon and evening. back to you. >> it does sound better.
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new details out of egypt this morning where a group of protesters say they stopped a robbery attempt. the group says they recovered two art facts stolen and returned them. one said the art facts belonged to the entire country and this underscores a relatively calm climate in cairo so far today. the 1th straight day of anti-government demonstrations. a 21-year-old student is back in america but days ago she
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was living just five minutes from the egyptian protests. these are photos from before the program began. she was in cairo for an internship. she was left on her own, trying to get home. she joins me now from las angeles. good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> i'm glad you're here. i want to hear all about your experiences there. you had been there for months. first of all when did you decide to leave and how did you manage to get out? >> well, in terms of when i decided to leave, i -- you know at first i was extremely excited. here are the egyptian people fighting for basic rights that should be universal. i wanted nothing more than to be a part of it.
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as it continued to become violent, more so with the police, the police's reaction using water pipes, using tear gas, gunshots in my neighborhood and after that, i just realized, you know, here is a really unsafe situation that surrounds me and is, you know, practically making me a prisoner in my own home and i just realized, you know, i need to think about my family and friends back home. and you know, i have to get out of here. >> yeah. >> were you exposed at all to things like the tear gas? you were living just about five minutes or so from tahrir square? >> i absolutely was. the difference between the amount of tear gas honestly that was used was incredible. horrifying, almost. you would hear they have this sound of -- almost sounds like a rifle going off with the shots of tear gas. i'm really not kidding. this was about five times a
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minute. even immediately as i would walk outside of my apartment. >> here are these resilient people. they want nothing more than basic rights and you know, they are living day in and day out on less than $2 a day. almost 40% of the population are living on less than $2 a day. they are fighting to provide for their families. they have barely any support from their government. let alone their government is absolutely corrupt and really just it's a constant struggle to make it on to the next day.
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but yet they still have that cheerful hopeful spirit that if something in a way that i can't describe just the way that, you know, that you can, receive the most hysterical story from a cab driver. my door man would always be able to smile and yet he barely has enough food to eat for himself and his family. you felt that kind of energy everywhere you went. and i absolutely think that what the egyptian people are doing right now is they are taking a stand they said enough is enough. it has been about 30 years of oppression and it's time. it's time. >> did you feel this fermenting over the months you were there? i appreciate the stories and how resilient they are and full of courage. but did you get a sense, you know, something is coming?
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>> because i was working with the international labor organization, i actually, you know, had a little different perspective on the entire situation. my office is based in cairo and the head of northern africa and we cover about seven countries. eso we not only saw what was going on there. but, you know, it's -- of course we compared egyptian what was going on with the egyptian people and how in so many ways they were worse off. here is a small country of, you know, definite ly something was starting to happen. people wanted to do something
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about it and because of what was seen as an example, it kind of gave them the hope that they could do something about it. and these were rumors. no one really knew what was exactly going on but we all kind of guessed it was coming. i definitely think so. >> so you are home now? >> yeah. i'm actually, i got home about two days ago and i can't tell you it was unlike anything to see any parents and family. they're my support system. >> all right. i bet they are very proud of you as well they should be. i sense you have a great career ahead of you. >> thank you so much. mother nature is causing a texas-sized headache for fans trying to get to the super bowl in dallas now. good morning to you janet. >> reporter: alex, good morning. we have a development here. we talked yesterday about the seven people who were hurt when ice and snow fell off cowboy
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stadium. this is the first time we're seeing people up there on the roof assessing the situation. of course it's warmed up considerably which would potentially create the problem of the ice falling off. now we see people who look like they are on a safety line. i'm not sure how well you can see this up there trying to assess the situation or trying to take some remediation efforts. we have noticed that most of the ice and snow appears to be gone. there do remain chunks in some areas. that's very much a concern when you're going to have something like 90,000 people inside this stadium tomorrow. limiting ent ranss that people with walk into for servicing the stadium today. other than that it's warming up here. the ice and snow are melting. there are a lot of people who
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there is new word from secretary of state hillary clinton. what is the administration not saying to the public.
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>> let's talk about what the president said. the consensus is you can't ring anything new from what he said there. what do you know as being the strate strategy. >> communicating with as many parts of the egyptian situation that they can. one of the early lessons that was discussed inside the white house when this happened. jimmy carter in the late 70s.
11:26 am
you have had contacts with the opposition groups that the state dartment worked with. the game right now is how to ease out mubarak, allow real negotiations as opposed to just symbolic negotiations with the protesters and really get a transition so that by the end of the year you have a more democratic government. >> it has been a volatile 12 days to say the least. >> how tough is it. >> they have had two phone calls at this point.
11:27 am
aides have described boast of them as tense. you can see from the comments that the president has been making about mubarak it could be described. he says he is a pariot. he says he has the best interest of egypt in mind and says he should move out. the statement of the white house put out after the last conversation with mubarak and obama said that mubarak clearly was having a difficult time with what was happening in egypt. so, i think there -- it's definitely tense. the ties between u.s. military and egyptian military continue to be very close. i think there are a number of contacts. >> do you think that the white
11:28 am
house knows what the likely outcome is. is that a source of concern or hope? >> i don't think anybody knows the likely outcome on this point. >> exactly what kind of transition we can have. would it be okay if mubarak steps aside and takes a symbolic role. does he have to leave the country. is it okay if the vice president continues to run this transition process. rewrites the constitution. should the opposition be brought in more, you know, to have more of a role in writing the constitution. basically what you are dealing with now is what the white house is trying to do is make sure the o outcom is as positive as possible. just outside of
11:29 am
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is just another day at the beach. it is 31 past the hour. mubarak is said to have resigned as the head of egypt's ruling party. it is very important that not be confused with a suggestion that he has resigned as president. he has not. but it would be as if he was the head of a party in the united states and resigned just as that yet maintained the presidency.
11:33 am
the political party there is now no longer being head up by current egyptian president who is under tremendous embattlement there. >> the national democratic party as headed by president mubarak. a lot of egyptian official has called on president mubarak to distance himself from this party. after november 2010 elections which was won by the national democratic party by 978%.
11:34 am
a. >> in terms of his resigning as the president. >> on day two of the revolution or the protests, number two of the party resigned, submitted his resignation because protesters were calling on him by name. also today, two people resigned in addition to mubarak. he is telling people that i'm not the corrupt one. i'm trying to distance myself from corruption. he is also trying to ban other former cabinet members who were accused by the public of being corrupt. he is trying to send messages to people that it's not me.
11:35 am
it is those who are around me. >> okay. thank you very much for following all of this developing news. we will have you back when there is new information to share. iran's leader is praising the protesters in egypt for taking part in an iz laumic liberation movement. >> it's about egypt. good day to you. can you tell me how iranians are viewing the protests in egypt. >> so there behind the protesters is a government sponsored rally in tehran
11:36 am
yesterday where thousands took to the streets chanting anti-mubarak and anti-israeli slogans. there is an underlying fact of people drawing comparisons in the unrest that took place in june 2009. there is two very different sides to this. but the sides are making comparisons to the unrest that happens here last year. they are very worried about a severe crack down. they are keeping it on the low down. >> there are some comparisons to be made. the revolution in 1979 was also a revolution against mismanagement, bad government. it took on a whole life of itself and it became about iran's leader who had been the all envel lopping figure in that
11:37 am
revolution and people were really behind him then. there are some comparisons to make. if what is happening in egypt is not a an iz laumic revolution. there are closely comparisons to be made with the uprising that happened in 2009. it's an uprising against economic reforms, against mismanagement and against human rights. there are more comparisons to be made with 2009 rather than 1979. >> okay. good to see you as always. thank you so much. egypt is one of two countries that has a peace treaty in place. the other is jordan. both countries border israel and citizens are protesting their governments. good evening to you, brian. >> reporter: hi, alex. >> i am well. i hope you are too.
11:38 am
how vulnerable is the peace treaty right now? >> well, i think at this stage it is not very vulnerable. but here oi think there is a strong sense of unease. if you look back over the last couple of years. turkey suffered serious strains. there is a deep concern that in the medium or longer term this could further increase the sense of isolation. >> can you tell me how this is playing out there? just practically speaking? the extent to which news on television is concerned about this and speaks directly to concerns about a peace treaty? the newspapers?
11:39 am
is the this the kind of thing that everybody is talking about? >> i just arrived here and talked to a few people. i came in overnight. this is clearly the big news of the region. they're concerned about stability and maintaining this relation and the peace treaty. it's interesting. finally after all of these years the israelis and the saudi government have something to agree on. it seems to me that a lot of change is on the horizon. >> prime minister has been
11:40 am
fairly quiet in his public wordings about what's going on. that's about it. he is not weighing on on whether mubarak has to stay and whether there are other potential leaders of the government that could keep the peace there. >> i think it's absolutely wise. anything that any leader might say could have negative repurr cushions in ways that we can't predict and they are looking to see things play out in egypt and see how things unfold. i think at this stage, their main concerns are almost tactical in nature. will the border remain secure? a couple of years ago there were problems with weapons trafficking.
11:41 am
even if there is a opening, i suspect that that new government over the next couple of years is going to have its hands full which is economic concerns, social concerns. all of this loose talk about treaties, people should be concerned about that. i think that job number one will be actually listening to its people. people were protesting because of the problems at home and not because of what's going on in the region. >> thanks for weighing in. good luck at that conference. >> and wikileaks tries to get dirty bombs to attack u.s. bombs in afghanistan. [ wind howling ]
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you're seeing the top of the super dome in dallas. what you're looking at are crews that are trying to get rid of the snow that has built up. >> if you look at the top there seems to be some remnants of snow. there are patches that are helicopter angles. they are trying to loosen up the snow and get it off the roof. they had seven everyone is having to go in and out of the stadium through one tunnel. every other entrance has been closed. . as we keep an eye. what they are doing is trying to chip away at the ice and get
11:46 am
that stuff off of the roof before everyone starts going in tomorrow. world leaders are gathered for a security conference in germany. >> to think those through, to decide how one is going to proceed. who will emerge as leaders. the principals are very clear. >> hi, guys. >> hi. >> pat you worked in the reagan white house. give me some perspective on all of this. how important an ally has mubarak been for the u.s.? >> extremely important for the united states ever since he took over. ronald reagan, because we were in a cold war context at the time, and everything was seen through that prisonment.
11:47 am
he would look first when you look, what is in the national interest in the united states? is this man or woman a friend or a foe? and only after that, is their system something that we really would want here. i think that's the way he would have looked at it. because he maintained that treaty with israel, even when an awful lot of ejipgs thought it was a disaster and opposed it, mubarak maintained that treaty. reagan would have considered him a friend and an ally. >> that world of -- a bipolar
11:48 am
world of the soviet union and the united states has been thrown to the winds now. as hillary clinton said in the previous statement, the basic goals are pretty clear. how do you get there is not so clear. >> it's a problem for the united states. if you have a one man one vote free and fair election all the way from morocco to pakistan, the world will vote to throw the united states out of the region and throw the israelis into the sea. why would you want a one man one vote democracy coming up in egypt if the result of that could be deeply damaging to
11:49 am
american interests in egypt and deeply damaging to the process between egypt and israel, which it would be? you got a contradiction twaen our ideals and interests. >> i'm curious. as i understand it the egyptian population is made up well over half or 30 years old and under. what is it about them that you fear doesn't want to continue with that? >> i don't fear it. 82% of the egyptian population is hostile? unfavorable towards the united states. and a primary reason is that we are seen as allied with and supportive of israel and what they see as the persecution and dispossession of the palestine people. whether that is true or false. that is the perception there. the americans are deeply unpopular. partly because of iraq, in turkey, pakistan and egyptian.
11:50 am
three of the biggest countries of the region. if you want free and fair and democratic elections, you better expect a result which is not going to be consistent with what a lot of folks in the government of the united states think are the national interests of the united states. >> if that's what is going on, peter, how much do you think the united states is looking at all of this and saying we need saying we need to help shape where this goes quietly, behind the scenes? do you think they're doing that? >> i think there's a lot of that going on, alex, no question about it. and everybody out there, they're choosing their words carefully as they should. let me take a couple points about this. we've always had the situation where countries or poll say, gee, you know, the big bad united states. but then you probe this further, and you find two things. first of all, they want economic freedom, they want the ability to really make a living for themselves and their families. they admire the united states greatly because of that.
11:51 am
and the second thing which is very importance now, i think, in our modern world and has been important for centuries, too, is that they want freedom of expression. they want freedom of assembly. they want freedom of the press, they want to be able to know that it is their government and not somebody else's. >> okay. all right. listen, that's going to have to be a wrap for today. much appreciated both your times, as you know. >> have a good day, alex. >> you, too, guys. there's a lot riding in the super bowl. it could be arlington, texas, with most at stake. that's ahead. whoa! huh? mr. clean magic eraser kitchen scrubber with the grease-fighting power of dawn. right in the eraser. oh-h, look at the bubbles. bottle 1: that's the race car of erasers. bottle 2: it is, it's the "erase car". is there a pit stop in this guy's future? this is unbelievable. he helps remove three times more greasy kitchen mess per swipe. well, i think he wins this race. oh man, look at him go. if i had hands, i'd throw in the towel. yeah, things aren't what they used to be. mr. clean magic eraser kitchen scrubber...
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super sunday is set to rake in super bucks as the packers face off against the steelers for super bowl xlv in dallas. the hosting committee expects the big game to have an impact of as much as 611 million in the local economy, although there are those that have suggested that number is soft. notably "fortune" magazine. regardless i'm joined by jim
11:55 am
lecamp, senior vice president of macro advisers and host of "money sense" on dallas talk radio, outside the big dome there. hello to you, jim, i bet you're glad to be in that part of the world now, a lot of fun. >> well, i am, alex, but it's just as cold here as it is up there. i got to tell you, it's wreaking havoc on the economic impact of the super bowl. we've had so many events canceled down here that nobody is going to be for sure what that number is, but it's going to be lower than anybody expected. >> yeah. they said that it was going set a record regardless. do you think that's still going to be the case? i should say we had an editor from "fortune" magazine who did dispute the $611 million intake for the dallas area, even with the weather woes. i think it's expected to be in the low to mid $200 million. but that's still a record. you think you're going to reach it? >> i think we probably will. i mean, as you see, there's a lot of people that have traveling down here, and there is a lot of economic activity here, even despite all the
11:56 am
cancelations. and, alex, the super bowl is something that's always been controversial in terms of how much economic impact it usually has. we see estimates go from $100 million all the way up, as you've said, to $600 million. but the simple fact of the matter, there's a lot that doesn't get reported at all. so i suspect that the numbers usually err, they're too low. for instance, there's apartments right around here, i've heard that have rented this week for $40,000 for the week. >> whoa! >> those kinds of things -- yeah, they don't get factored into the project. so you just don't know what that number is ever going to be. but this year, i know they canceled events out of texas motor speedway. a lot of restaurants have closed down, and they've overordered now -- oversupplied for the expected influx of people that didn'ttarily i didn'ttarilyize. i suspect -- didn't materialize. i suspect it will be in the $200 million to $300 million range, but it's going to be disappoi
11:57 am
disappointi disappointing. >> maybe not for hotels. you are seeing our cnn correspondent saying a lot of hotels require prepayment for rooms. so they're going to get paid either way. >> yes. >> things like hotel -- rather restaurants, you know, i'm thinking the golf courses, i mean, how many guys were hoping to go and play in the sunny dallas sunshine and get out and do some outdoor activities? things like that will be hit the most. >> well, yes. and you're right, a lot of deposits have been made. look, even though they got their deposit, they're missing out on much higher revenues. and there's hotels further out, outside in possum kingdom, for example, that have closed down. they were going to open up and be oversubscribed for the super bowl. and they've closed their doors because nobody's going all the way out there. and again, they've canceled a huge event at texas motor speedway, that was going to generate a ton of revenues. and a lot of people are going to lose money on this deal because they've overstocked for this. >> yeah. >> it's going to be a messy situation to figure out. >> i can ask one thing -- did
11:58 am
you say possum kingdom? is that a place on the map, or is that generally how you refer to that area? >> no, that's not my nickname for it. that's -- that's actually the name of it. and, alex, if you came down to texas, you'd find that there's a lot of strange town names all over texas. but possum kingdom is a beautiful area. beautiful lake. it's west of ft. worth, but it's further on out. and they're going to be one of the entities that really miss out because of the weather. >> yeah. i'm sorry for that. but i think i am going to have to visit and give me tourist dallas to possum kingdom at some point. >> a beautiful leg. good to see you. stay with us for the latest out of egypt, where president hosni mubarak has made an apparent concession. will it be enough to satisfy protesters? we're taking you to cairo. - this is great. - thank you.
11:59 am
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